4 Reasons Dental Implants Are For You

  1. Replace Missing Teeth

 When you have a missing tooth, an implant can take its place in the most natural way. Instead of getting a bridge which requires you to cut the neighboring teeth or a partial denture which needs to be taken in and out, an implant is more like a healthy tooth. It acts as an “artificial root”, usually made of titanium, placed in the bone, beneath the area of the missing tooth. This makes the implant act, feel and last just the way your tooth would have. 

  1. Decreased Risk Of Cavities And Root Canals On Neighboring Teeth

Did you know that teeth next to a bridge need to be shaved down? This process damages the nearby teeth to make room for the bridge. If you get an implant instead of a bridge, you don’t have the shave those teeth down which cuts down on potential cavities and root canals, saving you time money and maybe even your teeth!

  1. Implants Maintains Bone

 When a tooth is removed or missing, the bone begins to resorb or shrink. This can cause neighboring teeth to shift and potentially become loose. The teeth next door are like books in a book shelf; you remove a book, and the other books fall on each other. Implants take the place and space of a regular tooth, which maintains bone height and width, no falling or shifting of the neighboring teeth.

  1. Implants Are Cost Effective

Believe it or not, but implants are more cost effective than bridges or parital dentures in the long-term. On average, 50% of bridges are reported to be replaced after 10 years. In comparison, implants have above a 97% success rate after 10 years meaning no replacement costs. Pay now or pay later.


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