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No one wants to undergo surgery, but sometimes it is necessary to correct major physical problems. When it comes to dental care especially, some treatment plans require oral surgery to ensure effective care. Rest assured, patients of the Los Alamitos, California area are in great hands with Dr. Hatem Abdelhadi.
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Oral Surgery Q & A

What is Oral Surgery?

As the name suggests, oral surgery refers to any surgical procedure that takes place inside your mouth and can be done to correct any number of common dental problems. Only the most qualified dental care professional can undertake these kinds of procedures, so it is especially important that you use a dentist that you can trust and can furnish plenty of accreditations and references. The equipment involved in a typical oral surgery, after all, can be quite complex.

What are the Common Reasons for Oral Surgery?

There are many reasons to undergo oral surgery, though all of them typically require a specific set of skills to treat. The following are just a few of the most common situations that could necessitate surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction: This is a common surgical procedure that should be undertaken once the wisdom teeth start to come in. After they have become impacted, they will need to be removed.
Correct missing teeth: Usually in the form of dental implants, this type of surgery should be done to treat your missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue.
Endodontic treatment: While known better as a root canal, endodontic procedures will fix structural issues in your mouth.

What are Other Causes of Oral Surgery?

While dental implants, root canals, and wisdom tooth extraction make up the bulk of common oral surgeries, other procedures might better apply to you. For example, jaw issues including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders tend to require highly specialized oral surgery, and you should discuss these options with your dentist.

What are the Benefits of Oral Surgery?

The benefits of oral surgery depend on, for the most part, the type of surgery involved. While a procedure such as dental implants might be more suited to fix the appearance of your teeth cosmetically, an endodontic surgical treatment will solve structural problems and prevent future infection.

Weighing the Costs of Oral Surgery in Los Alamitos?

Surgery of any kind can be hard, so for more information on how oral surgery in Los Alamitos can help you, contact the offices of Dr. Hatem Abdelhadi today.

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Words from our patients

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    "Yelp reviews for doctors might seem unreliable - even restaurants reviews can be difficult to trust - but Dr. Hatem deserves every 5 star review."

    Mike L.
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    "Dr. Hatem is kind and gentle makes the whole experience a delight!! If you're looking for a new dentist or not loving your current dentist, book an appointment ASAP!"

    Jenny J.
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    "Dr. Hatem took the time to thoroughly explain the treatment I needed and took my budget into consideration when suggesting procedures."

    Jacqie H.
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    "My husband and I have been exceptionally pleased with the service by Dr Hatem and everyone in his office. The Dr is skilled and experienced, & also warm and friendly."

    Laurie B.
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    "My family and I will be coming here for all our dental needs for years to come! Come here if you need a family dentist that's good at what he does and is friendly."

    Ms. T.
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    "Dr. Hatem and Staff has provided a personal and professional service to me and my family. They are honest and upfront about the services provided."

    Mike O.
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    "Honestly, finding the right dentist is crucial, and I am thrilled to have found Dr. Hatem! I highly recommend him and his extremely helpful staff to anyone."

    Chloe W.
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    "Dr. Hatem is one of the best dentists I've ever seen. A Master of his craft. I'm so glad my husband and I go to him."

    Carrie R.
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    "I had no idea who to see so I turned to yelp and now I see why Dr. Hatem has so many great reviews. I'm so grateful for the positive experience at this office."

    Alicia A.
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    "Dr. Hatem is the coolest dentist I have ever meet. Somehow I felt very calm and comfortable at the dentists office for the very first time in my life. "

    Joshua B.
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    "Dr. Hatem is awesome! He's knowledgeable, thorough, gentle and a great communicator! I highly recommend this place!"

    JB C.
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    "Great work done by Dr. Hatem and his staff. To call your patient to see how he's doing is a courtesy not seen these days. Thank you all in Dr. Hatem's office."

    Masoud E.
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    "This will be our family dentist for years to come. Thank you Dr. Hatem!!"

    Phil P.
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    "I highly recommend Dr. Hatem to any person who is experiencing tooth problems, or is afraid of going to dentists. He is so friendly, gentle, and highly intelliegent."

    Rob O.
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